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At TimeToKids, every toy is more than just an object; it's a portal to a world of wonder, a tangible piece of nostalgia, and a testament to the timeless spirit of play.

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Discover the magic of the Montessori Shape Sorting Toy, a timeless journey into a child's heart where little hands explore, feel, and find their way.

More than just a toy, it's a delicate dance of curiosity meeting clarity, nurturing not only their cognitive growth but also cradling those precious, fleeting moments of pure, innocent wonder.

Every shape, every slot, every challenge is an invitation to a world where learning is an emotion, as tender and profound as a child's first steps.


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Step into a world where every little discovery is monumental, where each touch, feel, and exploration molds a foundation for a lifetime.

Our online store is a trove of Montessori magic, handpicked for your precious ones.

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Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board
Animal Dart Board

Animal Dart Board

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✨Improves sensorial learning, fine motor skills and concentration

✨Easy to install

✨Vibrant Imagery

✨Interactive Play

Where Math Meets the Montessori Wild

Introducing the Animal Dart Board - a Montessori-inspired fusion of wildlife wonder and playful learning.

Beyond the allure of the animals, every point on the board becomes a delightful lesson in math, turning each throw into an arithmetic adventure. This isn't just a game; it's an intersection of nature, numbers, and narrative. Each dart thrown is not only an exploration into the wild but also a dance of digits and delight.

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Our 11 month old loves the Montessori Shape Sorting Toy! At first they were a little confused but the noise of all the toys rattling together inside of the cube keeps their interest! And it’s so light weight but sturdy they can throw it around. Loves this toy, always the first one they go to!


If your baby or toddler is like mine, and gives up after failing at putting the correct shape in the correct hole, then this is the toy for you! They can put any shape into any part of the box without frustration. It boosts their confidence allowing them to practice the fine motor skills without the failure part!


My grandson is 2yrs old and he loved it. He loves elephants so it made it more special plus it is a great way to let him learn about maths since it requires counting!


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